Training Toolkits

Why use the Online Toolkits for Practitioners? Because they are designed to be as practical as possible, explicitly designed, for PAWS teams on the ground.

Training Toolkits Powered by the Snow Leopard Network

PAWS Micro Camera trap Surveys
  • This toolkit aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to plan and carry out a rigorous camera trap survey for assessing snow leopard population abundance/density.
  • By Snow Leopard Network & GSLEP

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PAWS Macro Distribution Surveys
  • This toolkit focuses on applying occupancy models to assess snow leopard distributions.
  • By Snow Leopard Network & GSLEP

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Ungulate Surveys
  • This toolkit aims to share the latest techniques and good practices for surveying wild ungulates across snow leopard habitats.
  • By Snow Leopard Network, Snow Leopard Trust & GSLEP

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PAWS Summit Solve my Problem

PAWS Study Designs
  • Dr. Ian Durbach and Dr. Chris Sutherland from the University of St Andrews share some insights on PAWS study design approaches for camera trapping and assessing snow leopard population abundance.

PAWS Data Processing
  • Dr. Manvi Sharma and Abinand Reddy from the Nature Conservation Foundation-India and St. Andrews University share strategies for processing large volumes of camera trap data. 

PAWS Genetic Surveys
  • Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan from NCBS shares with us some insights on how genetics could be used to support the PAWS effort.

PAWS Complementary Surveys including Prey and Threats
  • Dr. Gustaf Samelius & Munib Khanyari (from Snow leopard Trust & Nature Conservation Foundation-India) share how we can integrate complementary surveys into the PAWS effort.

PAWS Fundraising Basics: Opportunities and Approaches
  • Dr. Tom McCarthy (from Panthera) shares with us some principles for funding opportunities and approaches.