GSLEP SteeringCommittee Meeting 2024 Samarkand, Uzbekistan

10-11 February

1. Meeting Venue Meeting Venue:


Hotel Savitsky, 140100, Uzbekistan, Samarkand region, City:Samarkand, territory International Tourism Center Great Silk Road(Samarkand rowing canal)


For delegates who wish to participate in the meeting but cannotmake it in person, please inform us so we can add you to the list ofremote participants.

2. Travel Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport is the main airport inthe capital city of Tashkent. Tashkent is well-connected with therest of the world via direct flights from Almaty, Bishkek, Delhi,Dubai, Dushanbe, Frankfurt, Lahore, New York, Novosibirsk, andMoscow.

Samarkand is about 300 km from Tashkent, requiring either a5hr drive, 2hr fast-speed train “Afrosiyob” or 4hr regular train“Sharq” ride. Travelers also have the option of flying withUzbekistan Airways, Silk Avia, Qanot Sarq, Centrum Air andHumo Air. However, flights are infrequent.


Samarkand International Airport is the second busiest (afterTashkent) and is connected to Istanbul, Dubai, Novosibirsk,Moscow, Jeddah, and St.Petersburg.


Hotel Savitsky is located 25 minutes drive from the Samarkandairport and a 35 minute drive from the train station.

Partner organization participants not attending as official countrydelegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.The meeting organizers can suggest reliable options for bookingboth travel and accommodation. They can also provide assistance with visa applications, if needed. Please contact the organizers forassistance. 

3. Accommodation The meeting will be organized at the Savitsky Plaza Hotel. Thishotel was named after Igor Savitsky, Honored Art Worker of theUzbek Soviet Socialist Republic and collector of avant-garde art.Besides painting, he was studying the life history of the

Kara-Kalpaks and collecting contemporary artworks. His collectionformed the basis for the art museum he founded in Nukus.

Delegates may reach out to the following link to book theiraccommodation at the hotel. Please note that the delegates will berequired to cover their expenses for travel and accommodation:

Standard room- 70-$90/nightJunior Suite – $153/night

For more information click here

There are a number of other hotels that are within close distancefrom the venue that can be booked directly, depending onavailability through their official web-pages (see below). Additionalhotels in the vicinity can be chosen from the following list:

1.     Hilton Samarkand Regency

2.     Silk Road Minyoun

3.     Wellness Park Hotel

4.     Others

4. Airport



Airport Taxi is available in the Tashkent International Airport at thearrivals area.

You can also download the app Yandex Go to request rides.

5.     Travel




Each participant may need to have a passport with at least 6months’ validity.

Bhutan – visa not requiredKazakhstan – visa not required

Mongolia – visa not required

Russia – visa not required

Kyrgyzstan – visa not required

Tajikistan – visa not required

If you will be needing a visa to enter Uzbekistan and there is no Uzbek Diplomatic Mission in your country, the Host has agreed togrant you a visa on arrival.

Here is the procedure for receiving your visa on arrival:

1.     Please visit the following Website:

2.     Have a copy of your passport and a picture ready for upload.

3.     Note that you will be asked for your hotel name andaddress, so please book your accommodation beforeapplying.

4.     Please state Samarkand where it says: Place of Visa

5.     Please state COP14 where it says Purpose of Visit.

6.     After completing your application, you need to download it.

7.     Please send the downloaded application to us on the emailslisted below.

8.     The Secretariat will forward the applications to the host forfurther processing and forward you the letter proving youwill receive your visa upon arrival in Samarkand when ready

6. Meals Coffee and lunch will be provided by the organizers at the venue tothe registered participants.

A welcome dinner for all registered participants is being hosted bythe organizers on February 10, 2024.

7. Travel Expenses Most vendors at the airport and the city accept visa or mastercardcredit/debit cards. You can also withdraw local currency from anyof the thousands of ATMs across the city. Please let us know if youneed assistance with currency conversions or withdrawing moneyfrom ATMs.

Ipak Yuli Bank has ATMs with money conversion from USD to Uzbekistan soms (UZS).

8. Working



The meetings will be conducted in English and Russian, with

simultaneous translation provided between the two languages.

9. General




Wi-Fi is available within hotel premises. Additionally, you will be

able to purchase prepaid sim-cards from regular Beeline, Ucell orMobiUz providers at either the Tashkent or Samarkand airports.


Temperatures in Samarkand in February typically range between

+5 +17ºC.

Time Zone:

Samarkand Time: (GMT+05:00)

Exchange Rate:

1 USD = approximately 12,413.16 Uzbekistan Sum

Electricity/Plug Outlets:

In Uzbekistan the standard voltage is 220 V and the standardfrequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets used are of type C.

10. CMS COP 14



The Steering Committee meeting’s dates align strategically with the

14th Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Convention on theConservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMSCOP14), scheduled 12-17 February, 2024. We recommend that youregister separately using the below link to access the COP venue:


Contact details ●      GSLEP Secretariat (general information)

●      Madina (Travel)

●      Ms. Fatima (Local logistics)

●.    Mr. Joomart Maksatbaev (Media & Communications)

●      Mr. Chyngyz (Coordination)

●      Dr. Koustubh (Coordination)


Logistical Note-Partner Organizations PDF