Macro Level Design Tools

Why use the Macro Design? Because it is impossible to survey the whole snow leopard range. Without statistical survey design there is no way to know if surveys are representative of the whole range, so extrapolation is impossible.

Data collection for occupancy surveys
  • This manual provides details about designing, surveying, and managing occupancy data using interview and sign surveys in large landscapes.
  • By Dr. Koustubh Sharma, Snow Leopard Trust/GSLEP


Data analysis for occupancy surveys

This manual includes the following:

  • Details about processing field data, converting it into usable formats, identifying, recording, and scaling covariates that are likely to affect different estimated parameters
  • Best practices for determining candidate model sets, steps (and R codes) to run models using single-season and multi-season analysis, and an interpretation guide along with a manual to reproduce the outputs into usable maps and tables.
  • By Dr. Koustubh Sharma, Snow Leopard Trust/GSLEP


Macro-level survey design for SECR
  • Macro designs are only needed when the aim is to extrapolate the results of several camera trap surveys to a much larger area than covered by the surveys (usually > 10,000km2). If inferences are limited to survey areas, or enough surveys can be run to cover the whole region of interest, macro designs are not needed.
  • This cheat sheet walks you through a ‘Shiny Ap’ for deciding which areas to survey.
  • By Dr. Ian Durbach, University of St Andrews, Scotland

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