Trainers’ Manuals for conservationists and researchers developed by GSLEP


GSLEP has partnered with a number of organisations and individual researchers to develop a set of training manuals for use by trainers and conservationists across the snow leopard range. These manuals aim to elaborate and explore key snow leopard survey and conservation approaches and which respond to priorities identified by the Bishkek Declaration 2017.

Double Observer Manual

A survey method to assess wild ungulate abundance in mountainous habitats.

Communication and Storytelling

 A toolkit which aims to help conservationists understand, harness and apply the power of stories and storytelling techniques for biodiversity conservation.

Community Engagement

Training conservation practitioners in local community engagement: A Guide for Trainers

Genetic Protocols


A review of each basic step involved in scat sampling, DNA extraction methods, and guidelines for selecting protocols and reagents to ensure the above criteria are met.

PAWS Guidelines

Estimate robust snow leopard abundance in large landscapes using a design-based inference framework.

Guidelines for Management Planning

Practical advice and tools for Management Planning of conservation landscapes in snow leopard habitat.

Financing for Conservation

This document outlines how resource mobilization from diverse financial mechanisms is essential to sustain conservation and sustainable development efforts.