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Useful Tools, Good Practice Guides, Websites, and More…

GSLEP and partners have developed a set of useful research and conservation tools, good practices guides to address priority snow leopard conservation needs. 

GIS Data

Explore and access a range of GIS data and maps.

Population Assessment of the World's Snow Leopards (PAWS)

PAWS is a collective initiative led by the 12 snow leopard range countries’ governments with support of several partner organizations. PAWS aims to produce a robust estimate of the threatened snow leopard’s population status by 2023.

Policy Documents

Policy documents developed by GSLEP

Illegal Wildlife Trade

To identify trends and help law enforcement agencies and conservationists in snow leopard combat illegal wildlife trade, GSLEP, with support from the Snow Leopard Trust and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, has created a comprehensive range-wide database on poaching and illegal trade. Individuals or organizations can submit or request data using this portal. IWT trends based on the data submitted so far can also be explored.

Management Planning toolkit

In order to secure GSLEP landscapes, it is essential that Management Plans be created and implemented in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

Trainers' Manuals

Trainers’ Manuals for conservationists and researchers developed by GSLEP