GSLEP Publications

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30Press releas GSLEP SCM 2020Technical document2020View|Download
29GSLEP Resolution 2020Official document2020View|Download
28PAWS guidelines 2020Technical documents2020View|Download
27Background Paper for Policy Recommendations to manage unusual and conflict situations involving snow leopardsTechnical documents2020View|Download
26Awareness and Education Strategy for Snow Leopard and Ecosystem ConservationTechnical documents2020View|Download
25Principles and recommendations to sustainable ecotourismTechnical documents2019View|Download
24Shenzhen ConsensusOfficial Documents2018View | Download
23General Guidelines for Management Planning of Snow Leopard Landscapes – Revised 2018Technical documents2018View|Download
22Issykkul Statement
June 15, 2018
Official documents2018View|Download
21Valuation of ecosystem services in snow leopard landscapes of AsiaTechnical documents2017View|Download
20Inception workshop of the UNDP-GEF regional project «Transboundary cooperation for snow leopard and its ecosystems conservation»Meeting reports2017View|Download
19Statement of Concern on Snow Leopard Red List StatusOfficial documents2017View|Download
18Addendum 8: Green Resilient Economic Development in Snow Leopard Landscape Management PlanningTechnical documents2017View|Download
17Addendum 7: Mapping to Support Snow Leopard Landscape Management PlanningTechnical documents2017View|Download
16Addendum 6: Incorporating Climate Change in Snow Leopard Landscape Management PlanningTechnical documents2017View|Download
15Addendum 5: Best Practices in Snow Leopard ConservationTechnical documents2017View|Download
14Bishkek Declaration 2017Official documents2017View|Download
13Kathmandu Resolution January 20, 2017 Official documents2017View|Download
12Addendum 4: Integrated Management and Governance of
GSLEP Landscapes
Technical documents2017View|Download
11Addendum 3: Stakeholder Analysis in Snow Leopard
Landscape Management Planning
Technical documents2017View|Download
10Addendum 2: Participation in ConservationTechnical documents2017View|Download
9Addendum 1: Strategic Management Planning in
Snow Leopard Landscapes
Technical documents2017View|Download
8Silent Roar: UNDP and GEF in the Snow Leopard LandscapeOfficial documents2016View|Download
7Meeting Notes Population AssessmentMeeting reports2015View|Download
6GSLEP First Steering Committee Meeting Report 2015Meeting Reports2015View|Download
5Regional Enforcement Strategy to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade in Central Asia 2015-2018Technical documents2015View|Download
4Ilbirs Volume 1, Issue 1Official documents2015View|Download
3The Bishkek Declaration
on the Conservation of Snow Leopards
Official documents2013View|Download
2Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program
Technical documents2013View|Download
1Snow Leopard Fact SheetView|Download