Policy Documents

Policy documents developed by GSLEP


GSLEP and partners have developed a number of policy recommendations for snow leopard conservation stakeholders. Two important publications were released by the GSLEP program in the year 2020: a policy brief on managing snow leopards in unusual and conflict situations, and a conservation education strategy.


Policy Recommendations for snow leopard conservation

This document outlines policy recommendations on the multiple themes relevant to GSLEP & snow leopard conservation.

Awareness and Education Strategy

The educational strategy is based on the principle of transforming values and knowledge as a basis for action and continued learning.

Valuation of Ecosystem Services

This document is the first assessment of the economic value of provisioning ecosystem services used by local people in four GSLEP landscapes

Managing Encounters with Snow Leopards

This policy brief is a resource for range country governments to develop or adapt their  policies to manage snow leopards in unusual or conflict situations.

The GSLEP Document, 2013

Leaders in the governments of all 12 snow leopard range countries have adopted the Bishkek Declaration on the Conservation of the Snow Leopard.

Principles for Tourism within Snow Leopard Habitats

This document aims to provide a practical guide to ecologically and socially conscious tourism practices within snow leopard habitats.

Declarations and Resolutions

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