The world is currently facing an unprecedented situation. The pandemic reminds us again about the need to care better for our natural world and local communities. The pandemic has also impacted funding of several on-going conservation programs across the range countries and is likely to impact resource mobilization for biodiversity conservation in the coming years. This calls for a new strategy and urgent measures by the range countries and members of the Steering Committee of the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program.

With 2020 marking the 7th year since the initiation of the GSLEP program, we would like to jointly review the conservation work being done by various countries and the Secretariat under the GSLEP program; and identify future priority actions to conserve our mountain ecosystems and the people living there. Conservation, human and animal health, planetary health, and economic development can no longer be viewed in isolation from each other.  These issues would be covered during the Steering Committee meeting. Political leaders, senior officials and senior representatives from partner organizations of the GSLEP Program will be joining the virtual meeting.

The specific themes to be discussed in the upcoming meeting are:

1.      Resource mobilization strategy to support NSLEPs and Global Support Components across the snow leopard range.

2.      Status of GSLEP program and work done in range countries between 2013 and 2020.

3.      Re-examining and Prioritizing mountain ecosystems in policy and global strategies in a post COVID-19 world.

The meeting is being organized using state of the art and secure communications platform and professional tools that can be reviewed on via your official email id registered with the GSLEP program.

Segment 1: Statements (70 minutes)

13:00-14:10 Hrs UB/Beijing time (+8:00 GMT)

11:00-12:10 Hrs Bishkek/Thimpu/Nur Sultan time (+6:00 GMT)

10:45:11:55 Hrs Kathmandu time (+5:45 GMT)

10:30-11:40 Hrs Delhi time (+5:30 GMT)

10:00-11:10 Hrs Islamabad/Dushanbe/Tashkent time (+5:00 GMT)

09:30-10:40 Hrs Kabul time (+4:30 GMT)

08:00-09:10 Hrs Moscow time (+3:00 GMT)


Chair & Co-Chair: Nepal and Kyrgyz Republic

  • Welcome Address by Co-Chair and country update: Kyrgyz Republic (5 minutes)
  • Chair’s Address and country update: Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal (5 minutes)
  • Country statements by Environment Ministers representing snow leopard range countries (3 minutes each)
    1. Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
    2. Royal Kingdom of Bhutan
    3. People’s Republic of China
    4. Republic of India
    5. Republic of Kazakhstan
    6. Mongolia
    7. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
    8. Russian Federation
    9. Republic of Tajikistan
    10. Republic of Uzbekistan


  • Partner/Sponsor statements (3 minutes each)
    1. International Snow Leopard Trust
    2. United Nations Development Programme
    3. United Nations Environment Programme
    4. Global Environment Facility
    5. Global Tiger Initiative Council


  • Release of documents
    1. Global Citizens draw the attention of national leaders and officials to strengthen conservation efforts and minimize the risk of disease transmission between wildlife and people. (3 minutes).
    2. Country Updates. (4 minutes)
    3. Policy advice paper on managing individual snow leopards in conflict situations (4 minutes)
    4. Policy advice paper on conservation education and awareness strategy (4 minutes)


Segment 2: Updates (25 minutes)

13:10-14:35 Hrs UB/Beijing time (+8:00 GMT)

12:10-12:35 Hrs Bishkek/Thimpu/Nur Sultan time (+6:00 GMT)

11:55:12:20 Hrs Kathmandu time (+5:45 GMT)

11:40-12:05 Hrs Delhi time (+5:30 GMT)

11:10-11:35 Hrs Islamabad/Dushanbe/Tashkent time (+5:00 GMT)

10:40-11:05 Hrs Kabul time (+4:30 GMT)

09:10-09:35 Hrs Moscow time (+3:00 GMT)


Chair & Co-Chair: TBD

  • GSLEP general update (10 minutes)
  • PAWS update (5 minutes)
  • Summing up & next steps (10 minutes)

Segment 3: Technical sessions (75 minutes)

14:35-15:50 Hrs UB/Beijing time (+8:00 GMT)

12:35-13:50 Hrs Bishkek/Thimpu/Nur Sultan time (+6:00 GMT)

12:20:13:35 Hrs Kathmandu time (+5:45 GMT)

12:05-13:20 Hrs Delhi time (+5:30 GMT)

11:35-12:50 Hrs Islamabad/Dushanbe/Tashkent time (+5:00 GMT)

11:05-12:20 Hrs Kabul time (+4:30 GMT)

09:35-10:50 Hrs Moscow time (+3:00 GMT)


Chair & Co-Chair: TBD

  • Session on Sustainable Financing for GSLEP program (25 minutes)


Chair & Co-Chair: TBD

  • Session on Green Economic Development (25 minutes)


Chair & Co-Chair: TBD

  • Session on the need to re-examine and prioritize mountain ecosystems in policy and global strategies in a post COVID-19 world (25 minutes)

Segment 4: Conclusions & Next steps (10 minutes)

15:50-16:00 Hrs UB/Beijing time (+8:00 GMT)

13:50-14:00 Hrs Bishkek/Thimpu/Nur Sultan time (+6:00 GMT)

13:40- Hrs Kathmandu time (+5:45 GMT)

13:20 Hrs Delhi time (+5:30 GMT)

12:50 Hrs Islamabad/Dushanbe/Tashkent time (+5:00 GMT)

12:20 Hrs Kabul time (+4:30 GMT

10:50 Hrs Moscow time (+3:00 GMT)


Chair & Co-Chair: TBD

  • Discussion on key points to be included in the draft Statement