Objectives: Portfolio of Activities

National Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Plans

The National Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Plans for all range countries incorporate a set of priority, concrete project activities to be implemented to meet national goals and, collectively, the overarching global goal.

Together with Global Support Components, activities to be conducted by the international community to bolster country efforts, the NSLEPs form the GSLEP.

Activities of the countries and the international community are grouped under broad themes that correspond to the commitments of the draft Bishkek Declaration, that is:

  1. Engaging local communities in conservation, including promoting sustainable livelihoods, and addressing human- wildlife conflict
  2. Managing habitat and prey based upon monitoring and evaluation of populations and range areas
  3. Combatting poaching and illegal trade
  4. Transboundary management and enforcement
  5. Engaging industry
  6. Building capacity and enhancing conservation policies and institutions
  7. Research and monitoring
  8. Building awareness

The first five are direct impact activities, those whose successful completion will increase or maintain snow leopard and/or prey numbers (or other appropriate measure such as density or occupancy) and/or protect or restore habitat and connectivity among populations. The last three are enabling activities,those that create the conditions for successfully performing or improving the performance of the direct impact activities. For example, building capacity enables improved efforts to combat poaching, while building awareness enables stronger public, political, and financial support for all direct impact activities.